International transportation and operations made easy. Shipping, booking, quotes, contracts, client management, accounting, document filing and sharing automatically integrated. Cloud computing lets you manage your entire office from anywhere.

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ExportFile is Simple


Connects with carrier portals such as INTTRA, Cargosmart and more. Integrates documentation and operations automatically. U.S. Government filings including AES handled automatically. Exchange documents and info via email, fax, XML, or webservice.

Requires no installation. Secure login anywhere. Easy to run. Easy to understand. Information continuously stored and updated automatically. Maintain contracts, view rates, quote, book, track and finalize all in one place. Your clients can even initiate and manage their own shipments, download documents and communicate with your operations easily.


Quotes, bookings, contracts, and accounting all generated automatically from your own contract database for steamship lines, truckers and air carriers. Documents including booking confirmations, House and Master bills of lading, manifests, consolidations, customer notifications, dock receipts, commercial invoices, packing lists, drafts, health certificates, vehicle inspection reports and more. Easily share and submit documents via email, efax and PDF and XML transmission.

ExportFile is SecureSecure

Cloud computing assures 24/7 uptime and our software is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform using their enterprise SQL software. SSL encryption keeps all your data secure. Password protected access and permission based structure allows you to define access across your operation and your clients. Optional integrated carrier insurance also available.

CRM and More

Manage your office with exceptional reporting tools that break down your orders by employee, customer, carrier, shipper and more. Track contracts throughout your operation and by individual employee, customer, or shipper. Export File also maintains all your contact information making it easy to store and recall vital customer information.

Billing & QuickbooksQuickbooks Integrated & Easy Billing

Quick Books integration ensures seamless and accurate accounting for you. Replacing bulky non-integrated solutions and time wasted tracking spreadsheets and reconciling the printed or faxed documents. Accounting, billing and P&L made easy. Export File’s flexible transaction based billing allows your business to pay for what you use and 24/7 uptime securely connects you to your business from anywhere.